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Liability for Content:

The content of our site is delivered with utmost diligence and care possible. But MillionCars can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, integrity and actuality of the content. In case of violating the rights MillionCars will delete the content at the earliest.

Liability for Links:

Our site contains links to external websites over which we have no control. MillionCars is not responsible for consequences arising from such links. The provider of the particular website is responsible for their content. The linked websites were reviewed at the time of publication. Some content may not be recognized at the time of publication. MillionCars monitors the links in the website periodically. In case of violation MillionCars will take immediate action on it.


The duplication, revision, dissemination and all forms of usage of content beyond the copyright limits require a written approval of the respective author and/or creator. Downloads of the content are only allowed for private use and not for commercial. If the content posted is not from the user then the third party copright rules will be applied. Any illegal copy made can be informed to MillionCars with evidence for taking action.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data:

Ads in MillionCars is always available for public. When You provide Your personal data and register with us, You agree to store your data in our server.

We collect and store the following user information:

  1. E mail address, contact information, payment details(for premium users).
  2. Sign in data, statistics and usage details.
  3. Your IP address and web log data.

Data transmission over internet such as E-mail is not fully secured. Protection against third party is not guaranteed.

Transfer of Personal Data:

The personal data which the user has submitted will be fully secured. The data will not be shared with any one without the permission of the user.


For best usage of site, MillionCars uses cookies in connection with web browser. The cookie is nothing but a small amount of data stored in the user's hard drive coming from our server. The user may enable or disable cookies in their web browser. But disabling cookies is not recommended as it leads to unavailability of some functions and features. MillionCars uses cookies for the benefit of the user as to remember the last usage of the user. Cookies are used to identify the used computer. Only the user's IP address is saved.

Facebook Plugins:

MillionCars has an account with the social network "facebook" which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. User can directly select facebook option from MillionCars website and the facebook page of MillionCars will be opened in your account. For problem free working please log off facebook before entering facebook from our website.

Google Analytics:

MillionCars uses google analytics which is a web analytics by google. Google analytics uses cookies which are text files that are stored in your computer. It is used to analyse the usage of site. In most cases the data generated by the cookies are sent to the google and stored in their server in USA.

External websites:

The contact informations of the MillionCars users which are kept public in their Ads may be stolen by any external websites. MillionCars is not responsible for such issues. The information stored privately will be secured by MillionCars.

Information rights:

The information which the user has provided can be requested for deletion at anytime but it should not be mandatory for an account. The user can edit and make changes on the data he has provided while opening account with MillionCars.