Buyer's Tips | MillionCars

  1. Do an online search (Google, Bing, AOL, etc) of the E mail address and the phone number of the seller. Scammers often place Ads in multiple locations and also in multiple make and models. If you find such situations it is probably a scam since scammers utilizes free sites and also different locations.
  2. You should make arrangements of flying to the seller's location by yourself and buying the car. If the seller won't agree with this deal, then mostly it will be a scam. Some scammers will tell you the reasons that are like real situations that cannot be disagreed. In any situations you should not beleive them completely as you did not know about them earlier.
  3. Make an online search on the part of the Ad like their introduction and information about the Ad. As scammers place more number of Ads they use same text in most of the Ads.
  4. Don't make payments through Western Union, Moneygram or similar services. Once you make payment through these services there is no opportunity of recovery or refund.
  5. Ask for the shipper the seller plans to use and search about the shipper until you get all information about them. Check whether they are real.
  6. When you see an Ad where the price of the car is much lower than the market price then it will be most likely a scam. Because scammers try to attract buyers by showing low price in the market.
  7. When you show interest in a car and if the seller says that they have moved to another city and request for pre payment then he will be a scammer. Also they can say there is an agent who will deliver the car and ask for money in advance.
  8. If you have found a scammer then you can report scam to us or you can write to us at, so that we will block him and other users will not be scammed.
  9. Payments should be made directly to the seller by the buyer. MillionCars is not involved in the transactions between the seller and the buyer. Both the parties should make an agreement on the price and the payment before the transaction.
  10. When you contact the seller, don't forget to mention that you have seen this Ad in MillionCars.